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All begins with site characterisation. Geosto Ltd is a consulting company providing subsurface characterisation and earth resource and management services. Our service portfolio is specialised to mining and raw material industry, geotechnical and construction companies, energy companies, environmental safety and companies managing earth resources or managing subsurface conditions. Our office is located in northern Helsinki area, Finland and can be easily reached by your private plane to nearby Malmi airport.

Our services are

- Geophysics, hydrogeology and hydrological measurements
- Management consulting, training and EU SME funding
- Project management
- Research and development

Competence areas of consulting

Organisation and company development, EU SME funding and project management

Mining environmental investigations

- Investigations for contaminated soil and groundwater
- NOVEL-EM monitoring method and related surveying
- Hydrogeological and hydrological surveys
- Dam structure, integrity and outfiltration-leakage studies
- Planning and supervision of investigations
- Application of geohydrological, geophysical ja geochemical methods
- Earth (geoinformation) GROUNDMODEL product, analysis and assessment
- Data management, reporting

Earth materials and resources

- Exploration and research of metallic ores and other mineral deposits
- Dimension stone and earth material research and studies
- Planning of investigations, operations and supervision
- Geological and geophysical methods and measurements
- Data processing, interpretation and modelling

Geophysical measurements

- Geophysical surveys with ground radar, electrical and EM frequency sounding equipment
- Hydraulic investigations: pumping tests, injection tests and flow measurements
- Special competence area on the following high-resolution methods:
-> frequency and time domain electromagnetic methods, borehole loggings, radar and seismics, hydraulic testing
- R&D projects and innovation, equipment testing
- Data processing, interpretation and GROUNDMODEL method
- In-house developed EMDC1D, EMPLOT, EMCONVERTER and GROUNDMODEL geophysical software

Our flagship product is NOVEL-EM monitoring system - intended for mine site waste area water monitoring, leakage detection and improving environmental safety. System is in use at several Finnish mine sites. Monitoring is based on accurate indirect measurements of ground water layer electrical conductivity, integration of other related measurements and deducing the water quality and chemistry changes. Also embankment dam structures can be investigated and leakage points and routes detected. Development has been funded by TEKES - the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation during 2013 - 2016 and EIT Raw Materials Baltic company during 2017 as part of EU H2020 programme.
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Geosto Ltd carries its operations according to company and client quality guidelines. We engage only selected co-operation partners as our subconsultants and in field measurements. We are committed to environmentally sustainable solutions which also conform with the client objectives and with the requirements of the society. Geosto Ltd promotes recycling, ecoefficient use of materials and public transportation in our own activitites.

Recent activities, news and project links are can be found from YRITYS main page (some materials are in English) and also on our Facebook-page, please take a look:
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Our auxiliary business branch is Music production and sales.


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Pauli Saksa, Principal Consultant and Director, Dr.(Tech.)

Tel. +358 50 5411 330

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Mail and office address: Lallintie 6, 00700 HELSINKI, FINLAND.

Business ID is 2361682-8, in EU format FI23616828.

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